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Overview Nedbank Further/Second Bond Loans

Geared towards home owners who wish to take out a second bond or use Nedbank's readvance facility in South Africa.


Second Bond

Nedbank offers a further loan which involves registering a second bond over your current property. The following conditions apply below.


1. Your home/house value has increased in value since the original loan was granted.


2. Your home/house had surplus value at the time of the original registration.


3. The further second loan is being taken out to improve your property.


5. The minimum second loan amount is R50 000.


6. Approval is subject to Nedbank's credit lending criteria and a home valuation.


Nedbank's Readvance Facility

A readvance gives you access to the capital amount you have paid off, up to the initial bond amount. The minimum further loan amount is R15 000.


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