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Why settle for the prime lending rate when you can have a lower rate. Let us do all the hard work for you. By utilising our free service, we can apply to Nedbank or other major banks on your behalf. We will negotiate the best deal to suit your needs.

If you have an existing bond with Sanlam and would like to apply for a further mortgage loan, or you need to refinance your mortgage, we can help by getting you the best mortgage product. If you require a new home loan, please read "how we can help"

Free Bond Registration Costs
If you make use of our attorneys for both the registration and the transfer, the registration will be free of charge. If you make use of another attorney for the transfer, but still use our attorneys for the registration, we will offer you a 40% discount on the registration costs.

Did you know?

The demand for a mortgage origination service has increased over the past few years, with more and more people utilising such a service. In order to receive prime less rates, the utilisation of mortgage originators have become a vital part in securing a confident choice of mortgage products. Learn more about the role of a mortgage originator


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Sanlam Home Loans

Sanlam Home Loans offers home loans with the following features:

* fixed interest rate or variable interest rate linked to the prime lending rate

* terms of up to 20 years

*surplus funds can be paid into the loan and withdrawn when needed

*50% discount on bond registration cost (excluding postage and petties) in case of switching

* further loans and re-advances possible

* restructuring of short-term debt through Sanlam Home Loans’ Money Manager

To learn more about Sanlam Home Loans, please contact one of our consultants to give you free advice. Complete the form below and have a professional mortgage consultant contact you.

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