Pre-Approval/ Pre-Qualification Letter Tips

Bankbonds can supply you with a pre-approved letter/certificate from SA Home Loans, FNB, ABSA, Nedbank, Standard and Capitec Bank. All you need to do, is provide our consultants with a summary of your monthly income and expenditure, your income tax and living expenses. You should also declare any debts. To get you pre-approval home loan, please read our tips and guidelines below.


Step 1

Once we received your documents, a consultant will formulate a pre-approved home loan amount in regulation of the National Credit Act. We will then provide you with a pre-qualification certificate/letter. You can then show this letter to a real estate agent as proof of pre-qualification for a home purchase.


Step 2

Please note your pre-approval/pre-qualification certificate is valid for only 90 days. Once your certificate expires, we will contact you to check if your financial situation has changed. If your financial situation has changed we can then re-issue you a new pre-approval certificate in accordance with your new financial situation.


Step 3

We can then submit your pre-qualification certificate along with your documents to all major banks in the effort to get quotations on your home loan application. We can then further negotiate a better deal, get low interest rates or tailor a home loan to suit your need.


Step 4

Once we receive bank/lender home loan quotations on your application, you can then choose which quotation is suited to your needs. Once a good deal is chosen, we can then notify the bank. The bank will then proceed and instruct the appointed attorney to register your bond. We are all thumbs up and ready to go.


Quick and Easy Form

Get the ball rolling, fill out the form below and a bond originator will contact you asap to set up your pre-qualification certificate.


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Lowest Interest Rates

You will be pleasantly surprised at prime less interest rates we can negotiate on behalf of our clients. We are commited in finding our clients the best rates in the current SA mortgage market.


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