Credit life insurance and why you need it.

You never know what's going to happen tomorrow. So you have taken out a bond and suddenly you are out of work or heaven forbid you get hit by a bus and your family is left destitute with bond debt. The smart thing to do, is to take out credit life insurance to cover you in the time of need. Credit life insurance is simply bond insurance cover.


Why you should have it

Banks and Lenders love this, your application will be given priority and looked apon favourably. It simply makes sense to be covered if something does happen and you cannot afford your replayments.


Shop around now for credit life, before you get your bond.

Receive an none obligational credit life quote and save, what have you got to lose? Click Here For Credit Life Quotes




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Lowest Interest Rates

You will be pleasantly surprised at prime less interest rates we can negotiate on behalf of our clients. We are commited in finding our clients the best rates in the current SA home bond market.


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